First, business: in celebration of the return of Eros Inc., everything in the store is 25% off when you use the discount code “SEASON3″ at checkout. This will last until Friday. Great way to take advantage of the preorder of the new Season 3 print:  “Fallen Madly in Like.”

"Fallen Madly in Like"

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and you hung out with people you love, not strictly significant others. My lovely lady Nan and I went out to dinner at an Ecuadorian/French place in Silverlake which was pretty good. I got Steak and Potatoes in peanut sauce and Nan got chicken cooked in beer. ROCK.

I figured now that we got all the “We’re back, hooray” posts out of the way, I can talk a little bit about what I did during the hiatus. And by “did” I mean still doing, because the show won’t wrap until late April/May. Basically, I’m the showrunner’s assistant on this MTV animated show called “Good Vibes,” which is about a New Jersey transplant in a southern Cali surfing town. It’s like The Simpsons meets Superbad, and the humor totally reflects this.

I spent most of my time in the writer’s room, either listening to the writers work or acting as the writer’s assistant, which means I’d sit at a computer and type in any notes, jokes or changes to the script in real time while the script was on a huge monitor. I had an absolute blast doing this – we laughed the entire time and only had a few meltdown moments in terms of last minute writing. It felt so great pitching jokes (some that even got in) and I learned such a great deal about what goes into a show like this. The writer’s room is a daunting place sometimes, pitching a joke and only getting polite silence is a killer. We could spend hours on one single joke getting the phrasing of it just right. Suffice to say I learned so much about comedy writing. Such a blast.

Getting to know the writers was awesome as well, they were all somewhat unknown and had no egos – they just wanted to get this show as funny as possible. They also were all big sports fans, so there would be large moments when we’d all stop and watch a football game, something I was never really used to doing. My knowledge of sports being as low as possible, they’d ask me to sit in on it and try to narrate what was going on. “Okay, the two teams are crouching. The ball is snapped, the team with sparkle helmets just dogpiled the yellow pants” etc.

The writing finished a few weeks ago and I definitely miss it. Right now we’re editing our first color episodes and the animation looks pretty dang good. I’ll let you know when clips start showing up and they formally announce it, but it’s gonna be awesome!

See you guys on Friday.