Major thanks to Jamie Baldwin of Sudden Valley for today’s crossover!  I laughed pretty hard when I got it, she really nailed Mot’s character.

I really enjoy Jamie’s comic – it’s adorably drawn and I love the characters!  Please go check her work out, you shant be disappointed. That’s how serious I am – I used the word “shant.”

If you’re new to the comic, welcome!  We just finished up the first season, so now’s a great time to either start reading since we start Season two next monday.  You can either start from the beginning of the latest chapter or even the beginning of the comic itself.  The latter is obviously recommended; all ten episodes sit well by themselves, but slowly build upon the one before it.  Enjoy!

I mentioned it briefly yesterday, but I made a Facebook Fan page for Eros Inc. if you’re into that.

Guest week is far from over!  Come back tomorrow to see my friend Jessie Slipchinsky do a little back story for one Samuel Hall.  Curious? Come on back tomorrow.


Monday – Box Brown of Bellen!
Tuesday – Yuko Ota of Johnny Wander