I think if one image sums up Eros Inc. perfectly, it’s this one.  Man, Lady Fleishman has a lot of love problems. And Clue’s face makes me laugh every time.

Yuko Ota of Johnny Wander (which she does with Applegeeks’ Ananth Panagariya) rendered this UNBELIEVABLE pinup for me and I am just blown away by it.  I seriously could stare at this for hours, so I’m happy to post it today.  I’ve known Yuko a few years and I can attest that she is one of the nicest, kindest people I’ve ever met.  When I was going through an incredibly rough time in my life, Yuko gave me the perfect gift of a comic book for my birthday (Blankets by Craig Thompson if you’re interested).

When it comes to webcomics, she and Ananth have been more than kind in answering all sorts of business related questions, going above and beyond to be helpful.  And this pinup is another great example; in between back to back (to BACK) comic conventions, Yuko was kind enough to spend the time to make up this utterly fantastic pinup, exhaustion and stress be damned.

So thank you Yuko for this wonderful pinup of my characters, I seriously love it.  And if you aren’t familiar with their comic, Johnny Wander, please go give it your time.  It’s a hilarious comics, perfectly rendered every time.

If you’re coming FROM Johnny Wander, welcome!  We’re happy to have you here!  We just finished up our first season, so now’s a great time to either start reading from the beginning of the chapter or even the beginning of the comic itself.  The latter is obviously recommended; all ten episodes sit well by themselves, but slowly build upon the one before it.  I hope you like what you see.

ALSO: There is now a Facebook Fan page for Eros Inc.!

We are now selling printed, self-published books of Eros Inc.: Chapter One over at the CommonnamePrint store.  I’m really happy with the quality of them.

Tomorrow, comic artist Jamie Baldwin takes us on a trip to Sudden Valley, so stay with us!


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