I had a nice quiet weekend! Well, it was mostly spent working on this comic.

I have a guest comic over at Johnny Wander! I spent a long time on it (hence why the comic itself is pretty long), but head over there and enjoy!  I like their autobiographical adventures.

If you’re new to the comic (coming from JW), then welcome!  You might be a little confused as to what’s going on (we are in the midst of a conversation between Mot and her ex-bf), I’d recommend either heading to the beginning of the chapter or maybe even the beginning of the comic itself, since the previous nine chapters have more or less lead up to this moment.  Thanks for taking a look!

As I mentioned on Friday, Shannon is out of town until Wednesday, so it’s been a pretty quiet weekend.  I did end up seeing Mu Sun’s short film “The Watch” at the LA Short Film fest.  His was definitely the one of the best ones there, there were some pretty shitty-shitty films. It’s called a WRITER, people. Get one. Lord knows in Los Angeles they are in ABUNDANCE.

Other than that, I’ve spent most of my time working on comics. Exciting, no?  If I wasn’t making them, I was reading them.  I picked up the two issues of RASL (by Jeff Smith) that I had been missing and I loved them.  This is 100% different from Bone (which is, to date, my favorite comic of all time) and really worth checking out if you haven’t already.

Alright, see you folks on Wednesday!