Extra comic today!  Rejoice!

Hello new readers!  Welcome!  If you like what you see, you might be interested in starting at either the beginning of the comic or the beginning of the storyline.  Thanks for checking us out.

Sorry about the lack of words lately, I’m working really hard this week trying to get all my comic work done in time for Valentine’s Day (and the weekend in general).  Work hasn’t been too bad, so I’ve had plenty of time to compile the comics, but you know how it goes.

My weekend was pretty good!  I bought a new drafting table to replace the white work table I’ve had for a year.  I’ve used it all weekend and I love it – despite the actual construction taking over two hours.  I’m not a handyman, what can I say.  Didn’t really see any movies, we’re catching Coraline this weekend and maybe Fanboys in the future.  I dunno, my distinct dislike for Aint it cool may dissuade me from catching the latter.

See you Tomorrow!