Well, here we are at Chapter II.  I just finished scripting this arc, I think you guys’ll like it.

Have a lot of extra time this weekend?  Looking for something to do?  Well, it’s media recommendation time!

TV: Dexter Season 2: If you guys haven’t watched this show, you are seriously doing yourself a disservice.  The first season was fantastic and the second one was even better.  A beautifully scripted show.

MUSIC: The Dodos – Visiter: I want to say it’s Death Cab for Cutie mixed with Animal Collective with the faintest soupçon of Sufjan Stevens.  A great album!

MOVIES: Rifftrax: Instead of wasting money at Disaster Movie (a film I can safely say NONE of you would do anyway), try out this gem.  You rent a movie (or if you own it, even better) sync up with the commentary on your stereo and voila!  Instant Mystery Science Theater 3000!  And it’s damn funny.  I know i’ve mentioned this a ton of times on various sites, but please, please check it out.  I’d recommend any of the Harry Potter ones.

BOOKS: I just got the Scott Pilgrim Full Color Odds & Ends Vol. 1 in the mail.  Really good.  They even through in a sticker and postcard!

WEBCOMICS: The Abominable Charles Christopher: Funny, endearing, about a sasquatch.  It’s a gag comic with a simple arc and between the art and writing, it’s really quite phenomenal.  Updates Wednesdays.